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B R A N D 

Alima Pure cosmetics are crafted from minimal ingredients for maximum impact. Designed for the modern, confident woman, their cosmetics are luxurious, high-performance, and made from only the purest natural ingredients.
They seek to redefine makeup as an empowering tool of self-expression through the diverse range of foundation shades and inspiring colors.

Your makeup should be able to do many things at once, just like you.
You should be able to depend on your makeup to look and feel awesome. All. Day. Long.
Your makeup should enhance your best features without hiding who you are.
You should be able to find an amazing foundation match and colors that inspire your self-expression.

Alima Pure makes makeup that doesn’t compromise.


Alima Pure was born from a place of love. Inspired by our mothers, moved by our daughters, we support and celebrate joy, beauty, and well-being in all women. The makeup is crafted to help every woman present her best self to the world with confidence. Women everywhere living their lives to the fullest, achieving their goals, making a difference; that is beauty at its most beautiful.

Minimal ingredients for maximum impact. All of their products are formulated with this in mind. They use only the highest quality, purest ingredients. Without compromise, their products are never tested on animals.