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M I S S I O N 

The HAN Cosmetics mission is to offer non-toxic makeup and elevate product integrity by using safer ingredients with skin care quality and to get safer cosmetics into the hands of more people.

They strive to offer the purest, healthiest, and highest quality color cosmetics formulated with nourishing butters, moisturizing oils, antioxidants from superfruits and green tea, vegetable and plant pigments and pure minerals at reasonable prices. Their innovative cosmetics incorporate skin care ingredients to promote healthy skin while delivering vibrant colors from desirable and non-toxic pigments to enhance your natural beauty, safely.

All products made in the USA.

W H A T  M A K E S  T H E M  D I F F E R E N T ?

 We are among the purest, most natural cosmetics line fusing make-up with skin care ingredients in the mainstream market.

We NEVER use FD&C, Lakes or Carmine (from beetles!) to color cosmetics.

Instead we use plant and vegetable pigments and natural minerals to benefit the skin.

Our skin care cosmetics line is appropriate for all ages and all skin types.

All skin care cosmetic products proudly made in the USA.